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The Lab is unique to the fitness industry. We are the first all-inclusive health and fitness company with an integrative concierge platform. Rather than offering a singular facility, we equip the most sought-after strength and conditioning coaches with custom Labs that bring state-of-the-art equipment and mobile fitness technology directly to you. Our mobile model gives us the ability to train you in different environments including homes, parks, hotels, and corporate campuses on a local, national, and even international scale.


We are a growing team of forward-thinking fitness professionals from all of over the globe, working together to bring you world class content, personal instruction, and motivation. Decades of professional experience have helped us cultivate effective training theories and specialized fitness applications which we want to personally share with you. Together, we are redefining the meaning of personal training. Let us help you build and/or rebuild your body!


The Lab brings the gym to you. We travel to designated locations based on your schedule and lifestyle. Imagine not just one trainer, but an entire team of industry-leading strength coaches at your beck-and-call delivering the most effective workouts and scientific health and fitness content directly to you. Between our mobile coaching, content, and technology, The Lab has the ability to provide the most hyper-personalized training experience ever!



At The Lab, we believe that data is not only important to collect, but also important to understand and interpret. We use technology as a tool to help us offer you a qualitative analysis of both your body composition and your physical performance. Our coaches provide clarity to the data we collect so that your physical journey is as much educational as it is successful.


We use more than exercise science when we approach our projects. We also explore the field of food science. To change your body, you have to be aware of the signals you’re sending it and those signals traditionally come from the foods you are feeding it. Most of us have been given the wrong information about nutrition. The Lab will help you understand food and work with you on implementing various strategies that ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs to grow and change.



To be a professional, you have to love what you do. Teaching people how their body works and helping them improve how it functions is what makes us tick. We are always learning, testing, and exploring the boundaries of human anatomy and performance. Joining our team means you want to be apart of an innovative group of strength and conditioning coaches. We are seeking professionals who want to continue to grow and build something bigger than themselves. Your experience in the field has given you the career capital to contribute to this mission and help our growing community gain both mental and physical confidence.


Philadelphia needs The Lab! Over the last 8 years, The Lab has been designing, tweaking, and developing its concierge model in order to effectively integrate health and fitness into of our clientele. Our brand tells a unique story and our community is starting to take notice. Through strategic partnerships, an exclusive network, and innovative technology, The Lab has positioned itself to scale and offer even more products, services, and success stories!

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